The internet connectivity we need: accessible to all, affordable, reliable, and locally controlled.  And of course, wicked fast.

The Milton Municipal Fiber Initiative is a community-led effort to create a fiber-optic, municipal broadband network in the town of Milton, MA.  We believe a community-owned, state of the art, 100% fiber network is necessary to provide everyone in town - residents, town government, local businesses and non-profits - with better access, more choice, lower prices, blazing fast speeds, and superior and for decades to come!

To all our Milton friends and neighbors -

The MMFI is collecting signatures for a friendly petition to the Milton Select Board. Our intention is to demonstrate public support for municipal broadband, and to urge the board to take the next steps towards the establishment of a municipal broadband network.

The Select Board has made some great progress already with the appointment of a Municipal Broadband Committee.   The committee's efforts culminated in a cost and design estimate for the creation of a 100% fiber, municipally-owned broadband network, providing the town with a viable road map to a town-wide, fiber-to-every-premise network.   

We're asking you to join us in our efforts to keep the process going.  We hope we can make the case to you, our Milton friends and neighbors, that municipal broadband is an investment in Milton's future, a public asset that will serve community needs for generations. 


We at the Milton Municipal Fiber Initiative are firm believers in the power of an informed citizenry, and we strongly encourage site visitors to explore our website before considering the petition.  

So please have a look at our goals and vision.  Review our arguments about the importance of broadband, consider our perspective on big telecom's failure to deliver, and why we believe municipal broadband is the best way forward for Milton.

Then we hope you'll sign the petition, and show your support for Milton municipal broadband. 

Thank you!

The Milton Municipal Fiber Initiative

PS - if you're wondering about 5G (which lots of people do!) please check out our FAQ page.

The town of Milton has made great strides in the recent past in its pursuit of municipal broadband...

...sign the petition to make the dream of low cost, high-performing broadband a reality!

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