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We, the undersigned, support the establishment of a municipal broadband network in the town of Milton, Massachusetts. 

We believe a municipal broadband network - guided by community values and not distant shareholders' values - will put the telecommunications needs of our community first, to the lasting benefit of Milton's residents, town government, local businesses and non-profits.

We recognize that since 2017 the Select Board has made significant progress towards this goal, with efforts that produced an in-depth cost and design report for a new, municipally owned, 100% fiber optic broadband network.

In this petition, we the undersigned urge the Milton Select Board to take the necessary next steps towards the establishment of a municipal broadband network.

Furthermore, we the undersigned:

  • Recognize that as a global communications system the internet constitutes a vital component our civic infrastructure, on par with transportation networks, water systems, and power grids. 

  • Recognize that reliable and affordable internet access is a basic necessity of life.

  • Recognize that in Milton internet access is dominated by Comcast, a near-monopoly in town whose role as gatekeepers to a vital component of our civic infrastructure is a detriment to the Milton community.

  • Are resolute in our belief that the most profitable solution for Milton stakeholders - both today and for decades to come - is the establishment of a municipal broadband network.

We, the undersigned, strongly believe that Milton's Municipal Broadband Network will:

  • strengthen community, family, workplace, and business bonds, as the covid pandemic has made abundantly clear the urgent need for high-quality, affordable, and reliable digital communications.

  • help mend persistent social, racial, and economic inequalities with an unwavering commitment to universal access and affordable pricing for all.

  • easily meet all the connectivity, data, and speed needs of our schools well into the future.

  • provide increased resiliency and flexibility to all other municipal agencies, particularly our first responders, DPW, and libraries.

  • lower the cost of internet access for all Milton stakeholders, now and decades into the future.

Sign here...your voice matters!
All are welcome to sign, not just Milton residents.  One of the goals of the Milton Municipal Fiber Initiative is to spread the word far and wide, so the more voices the better!  

MMFI will share this petition with the Milton Select Board and no one else. Your personal information will be safe with us!

MMFI thanks you!

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