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Municipal Broadband Committee - Town of Milton, MA

Disclosure: MMFI's founder, Joe Chamberlin,was chairperson of the Municipal Broadband Committee


In October 2017 the Milton Select Board created a committee to "explore the possibility of creating a municipal broadband network".  The committee gathered information, held a series of public meetings interviewing industry experts, presented findings to the Select Board, and assisted in the procurement of a report to estimate the cost of constructing a new municipal broadband network.

​​​The committee's presentations and reports

This timeline starts with the most recent work done by the committee and goes back to its inception in 2017. 


Presentation to the Select Board on the CTC report  May 2019 - This is the committee's presentation to the Select Board assessing CTC's cost and design estimate for a 100% fiber municipal broadband network.  


Design and Cost Estimate for a Town I-Net  January 2019 - The engineering and business consulting firm CTC Technology & Energy won the RFP bid to produce a cost and design report for the construction of a municipal broadband network.  Their report covers a range of issues such as construction costs, financial analysis, network design, and the advantages /disadvantages of a municipal network.


RFP to Replace Town INET  August 2018 - This is a copy of the town's official RFP soliciting bids from qualified consultants to produce a cost and design assessment report.


RFP to Replace Town INET - Presentation to Select Board  July 2018 - The broadband committee wrote the RFP's first draft, which was then used by the town's Procurement Officer to prepare the official RFP. This is the presentation to the Select Board discussing the general content and outline of the planned RFP.


Committee Findings (full report) June 2018 - This is the full report behind the presentation to the Select Board. It contains more information behind the presentation to the Select Board, like the full list of experts interviewed (i.e. not just the guests we had at public meetings), and a sample of questions that were presented to them.

Committee Findings - presentation to Select Board June 2018 - This is the presentation made to the Select Board, which summarized the committee's work over the previous 3 months and recommended next steps.  The committee made two recommendations:

  • that the town replace the Comcast-owned institutional network (I-NET), the aging broadband network used by Milton's schools, first responders, and all other town departments. 

  • that the town issue an RFP (request for proposal) to qualified experts to produce a cost and design study to replace the I-NET (both the RFP and the consultant reports can be found below).

The committee also emphasized that building a new, fiber-based I-NET would be the first step towards building a town-wide, fiber-to-every-premise, residential network.   


Initial Presentation to Select Board October 2017 - This is the presentation Joe Chamberlin and Mike Zullas made to the Select Board, advocating for the town to create a municipal broadband network. This was the meeting where the Board voted to create the Municipal Broadband Committee.

The town of Milton has made great strides in the recent past in its pursuit of municipal broadband...

...sign the petition to make the dream of low cost, high-performing broadband a reality!

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